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  1. mackmaggiesam
    01-22-2013 03:50 PM
    i had a guy check the amps he said it was ok what should it be ill check it myself to make sure this car runs great other than these two problems with the blower on high that is 12volt line and so is rear defrost thats why i thought it was voltage now i dont know what it is that is the only time it does is blower on high or rear defrost on then it starts running rough when it first started i thought it was fuel pump fuel pressure is great then i narrowed down to the only time it does it is with these 2 things i just dont know thanks if you have any ideas im open
  2. zachmadison
    04-27-2012 12:19 PM
    Hey big, saw many of your posts about junking bmw's when little fix's are all it needs..

    I have a 1994 525i AUTO, my problem is rarely my transprogram light would come on and car revs really high. my Mec, said i need a new driveshaft mount..
    Yesterday i was driving and took a turn while acc and it reved high now the car shifts to 1st fine, but when it goes to shift itself to 2nd or 3rd, the car revs to about 4-5k and stumbles to shift, if it misses the trans program light comes on. Any idea what i need to do to fix this?
    I was told the tranny is good cause when you shift to drive the car drops and reverse the car lifts (thats how you tell if its a good tranny)
  3. 2whitedawgs
    02-28-2012 03:10 PM
    new user - no start - 4 codes -p1554-p1553-p0344-p0369
    thought process lead me to air flow, checked air filter - crap - changed air filter - started ran ruff - cleared fuel from cylinders - runns great - no issues EXCEPT first two codes will clear but come right back - cannot seam to find explination for p1554 and p1553 no check engine light, but the two codes keep coming up ??? temp sensor going? but not gone? cruise works fine as well
    2006 530xi
  4. SpeedM3
    09-26-2011 02:38 PM
    hey is there an active Nanaimo bmw car club?
  5. defkon99
    09-10-2011 05:21 PM
    hey why am i banned ? whats the deal man? talk to rooz
  6. diet
    08-30-2011 04:58 PM
    Yes bigs on the e46 318 is the final
    Resister for the heater known as
    The hegdehog i feel this needs
    Changing becus go faster slower sumtimes
    On lower speed settings. And also i have
    Rough idle with engine light on i hav
    Found split in the air hose by crankcase
    Cud this most likey b corse of rough idle
    And management light was is airmass senor which
    May b dwn to split pipe cheers
  7. diet
    03-02-2011 02:53 PM
    hi big evil i have a e36 99 digital climate. on full power doesnt seem that powerful through vents even tho motor is spinning fast cud this be my pollen filter? air onli seems to be loop warm aswell not hot and doesnt seem to make much difference where i direct the airflow its bin like this since ive had the car now bout 4 months but i hurd it cud be a sinple pollen filter causing this problem am i right?
  8. Gren 1
    03-02-2011 06:26 AM
    Gren 1
    Big Evil, I've had a frightening experience lately with my Sat Nav/Radio/CD and wipers failing in the middle of journey, BMW has said that they both units have to be replaced. Have you heard of anything like that ?
  9. shutterbugg
    01-30-2011 08:08 PM
    Hey Big Evil, had a question about something you posted on Jetty's 325i no start topic. I am curious as to where that crank sensor is...my buddy told me that was the problem and I think I might have found it, but not sure. Does it plug into the Vanos behind the Vanos control solenoid? I tested that one and it had no resistance/reading on the voltimeter. I am at a stand still with getting my 325i back on the road.
  10. turbomg
    11-30-2010 10:24 PM
    was driving my 1994 325is and stopped at a light. When I took off from the light for some reason, it had started to what seems like to be a miss fire. As I drove the car home it would seem like the miss fire would come and go. If anyone has any idea as to what it could be, I would greatly appreciate any response.
  11. BigSlickM
    07-18-2010 04:37 AM
    thankyou for your reply, ime not much of an electrical guy could u please tel me what is the SI board and how do i get to it to see if there is a battery to replace, my car is from december 1991, e36 325i, really looking forward for your reply, it would be great if it just was a battery to replace instead of all the instrument cluster, thanking u in advance
  12. edwin123
    10-23-2009 01:45 PM
    Thanks for the reply Big Evil,I think the problem could be worn runners ,would heavy oil do the trick.Lots of link`s and connections under seat`s,Could these be worn?and any cure .Thank you.
  13. scooter
    08-25-2009 04:49 PM
  14. TurboE36
    07-22-2009 06:03 PM
    yea its a manual! and it has been leaking brake fluid...I already knew my clutch was gone but was hoping my friend was right at the same time lol im new to bmw(honda tuner) but whats a good performance clutch for this car??? so i can have a little fun while im still stock for now! im getting the work done at arizona bimmer motor werks do you know of their reputation?

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