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  • Why UnitedBimmer.com?

  • As long-standing and well respected vendors within the BMW community, we realize that you are bombarded all the time by requests from “new” and start-up forums promising the world in return for your money to sponsor the forum. This is not the same.

    Have you found that:
    Your sales threads and announcements get lost in the clutter?
    Vendors aren’t proofed carefully enough and wind up ruining your new product announcement with frivolous activity?
    Forum members unfairly bias other members or guests against your products?
    Your ability to communicate with members to make sales, solve issues, or provide general information is negatively affected by a few “bad apples”?
    If you thought yes to any of the above, please read on…

    Unlike other big forums where your sales dollar doesn’t travel very far, where many flea-market style vendors affect your business, and where members with hidden agendas inaccurately and unfairly attack sponsors, UnitedBimmer is dedicated to ensuring the safe interaction between members and vendors.

    is different because it’s a forum run by people that know how to take care of sponsors. There are multiple administrators that can monitor the forum far more diligently. On this forum, you’ll have the administrative team and resources on your side with minimal up front expenses. While the forum isn’t “new” like some others with very few members, it is relatively up and coming and we hope to include all the vendors in our overall plans to expand the forum (which benefits all). We want you the vendors to become our partners – and as such we are offering you a “ground floor” opportunity to help grow the “family” together. Our moderator/admin staff has first hand experience with running/managing the largest BMW forums on the web and can easily scale to account for any future growth.

    Your Needs
    As a vendor, your needs are the most important. Your needs to have your products become more visible. Your needs to be more interactive with the users without a threat from unfair and misguided interference. Your needs to have more control over your product information distribution. These are important to us as much as they are to you.
    Contact us More detailed site and vendor specific information is readily available upon your request, please contact us at your earliest convenience via Email here we'd love to hear from you and join our growing family.

    Preferred payment methods in order of preference are: PayPal balance or e-check via paypal only.

    Some notable supporting vendors include:


    Get a FREE discount New Car Quote!

    Unlimited Game Rentals Delivered - Free Trial

  • Views Per Month
  • To maximize your ad exposure UnitedBimmer does not put any limits on the number of times your ad will be displayed during the month.
    We don't charge based on number of impressions (CPM).
    Your ad will be put into rotation with all other ads, If you want extra exposure you can opt for other options outlined below.
    Because we don't limit the number of views per month you will find that you benefit by increased total clicks as well as branding.
    Your banner will be in front of serious BMW enthusiasts regularly basis.

  • Vendor Promotion
  • Our administrators and moderators are interested in the well-being of our vendors more so than any other forum on the web, so we will create additional ad locations as the need arises. Some of those ad avenues are listed below.
    For a limited time get 2 months free with a 6 month commitment.

  • Dedicated Sub Forum/Forum Sponsor
  • If you are an active forum participant and a vendor, this will likely be your best method of advertising if you sell more than 5-10 products.
    we think you'd benefit most from the creation of a dedicated sub forum where your products can be featured and promoted best.
    Features included with a sub-forum package:
  • High rotation banner- this allows your ads to be seen more often than other ads.
  • Forum Sponsor tag.
  • Limited moderator permissions.
  • The ability to sell and promote your products exclusively.
    Pricing starts at only $125 a month.
    Rates are subject to change with 60 days notice.
    Yearly rates are available, email us for a quote.

  • Site Banners
  • A ROS banner is the most common form of advertising on the Internet today and most likely the most familiar, The banners are shown throughout the site and each sponsor may have up to three total banners in the site rotation.
    Dimensions: 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.
    File Size: Less than 40,000 bytes.
    Format: GIF or JPG
    Animation: Permitted provided that it meets the above specifications.
  • Banners must not “flash” at a user. All ads are subject to approval.

  • To update your banners, please send an email to us with the updates.

  • Banner ads are run in rotation at the top of all forum pages.
  • Standard rotation - $45
  • High rotation - $55 this allows your ads to be seen more often than other ads.
  • Maximum rotation - $75 this will make sure your ad is displayed 1 out of every 3 clicks.
    Rates are subject to change with 60 days notice.
    "Supporting vendor" tag is included.
    Yearly rates are available, email us for a quote.

  • United Bimmer supports Google AdWords
  • Advertising on UnitedBimmer is also handled by Google AdWords. AdWords allows businesses to advertise on any number of sites, including this one, regardless of the size of their budget. Ad campaigns can be setup and targetted by keywords, geographic location and/or specific websites you choose. They handle almost all kinds of image sizes, text ads and even video!

  • Signature Advertising
  • If you are a smaller level vendor with only a few products you wish to sell (maximum of 5), you can include those products inside your signature.
    This will allow you to only post about those products in product related threads, but will still allow you to advertise your products on the forum.
    You may include a banner similar to the banner advertising above, but you will not be able to create your own for sale threads or group buys unless another member requests it first.
    Pricing starts at $50 a month with a maximum of 5 items.
    Rates are subject to change with 60 days notice.
    Yearly rates are available, email us for a quote.

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